Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Children in houses without fireplaces

...roll like this, LOL.

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However, this is a few weeks' old picture. I'm happy to announce that that spring has sprung! Unofficially at least. It's been super warm and sunny the past few days in Pennsylvania and this lady is LOVIN' it! My sister gets married on Saturday, the actual start of spring, so things are peachy, sparkly and shiny as a lamb's lick over here. :o)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The secret to staying slim

Photobucket to eat your Betty Crocker Warm Delights in the shower. Or your cookies, cupcakes, chips, ice cream, chips and guacamole, or fun-sized Snickers bars (especially fun-sized Snickers).

The thing is that once you're all toasty and drippin' wet in a nice, warm shower, you don't really want to get out. It's too cozy. Plus, even in a sauna of a house in the wintertime you still probably don't feel too keen on scampering downstairs with sopping wet hair and getting your feet all chilly on the kitchen floor just to grab another of the oh-so-delectable-but-necessary-to-eat-in-moderation food item that you were just grubbin' on.

See what I mean? That's why I can manage the will power to eat just one Warm Delights at a time. Portion control and rationing.

It's all about the shower.