Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coming up roses

Wonderful things that come in fours: a pizza (I'd LOVE a slice that huge!), seasons, quarters of a football game (remember, we're huge Eagles fans over here)...and the years that I've been a mother to my Rose! My big girl turned four years old this July and, because of logistics, was the recipient of quite a few birthday parties. An annual tradition is a relatives one at my parents' house, for which I totally seize the opportunity of making a creative cake. While browsing (and salivating) over at the Bakerella blog, I came upon the idea of fondant roses. Absolutely beautiful, very easy to create (even for people like me who routinely bite off more than she can chew...) and lovely decor for the cake of a lovely little gal.

Ribbon roses are terribly simple to make as well as being terrifically difficult to resist making. Trust me. I could've be-floraled everything in my fridge from the leftover Chinese food to a bagel. Hmm...

What I did was simple:

- Bought a box of white Wilton fondant from the cake decorating aisle at Walmart and used red and blue food-coloring to achieve the color that I wanted. This part took a lot of kneading, but I was red-handedly caught being a wonderful baker while doing it. Who doesn't love a pun? Oh, everyone? Whoops!

- Rolled out the colored fondant pretty thin and then cut it into strips, which were about six inches long and a couple of inches tall.

- Rolled the strips up (a la Fruit by the Foot) and then moistened the edge with a bit of water to make it stick.

- By the way, that cake? It's a chocolate fudge cake already made and frosted from the Walmart bakery (semi-homemade = less stress for party planning!). I found the beautiful idea to create a "basket" of ladyfingers from Bakerella and kept them in place with some pink satin ribbon.

Happy 4th birthday, my sweet girl! You are so completely and utterly adored!


  1. That is the cutest cake ever and the best idea ever! Your kids are adorable and your are one gorgeous mom! So glad I found you today! I am a new follower and look forward to getting to know you! Hope you have a fabulous day and come by my place if you get the chance for 2 great kid recipes and a fantastic giveaway! XOXO Jessica

  2. Beautiful cake! And happy birthday to Mary-Grace :)

    Visiting from SITS x

  3. What a great cake! Happy birthday to your little one.

    Visiting from SITS.

  4. Awww! She looks so sweet! That cake lookds delicious! You did an excellent job.

  5. Great job on the cake Kelly! It looks so pretty! Happy happy to your girlie!

  6. Thanks so much you, guys!

    Deb - I actually thought of you when I was making this, LOL! Whenever I see something so chic, I always think of your party planning ideas from the blog!

  7. What a cute cake!! Not NEAR AS CUTE as MG, though. ;o) She just looks so precious and so sweet...with those big eyes! Love her!

  8. Thanks, Katie!! I know that you guys over there know something about big, beautiful baby blues, too! :o)