Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Five years ago


Five years ago I prayed for you, waited for you, and held you from the moment that I found out you were coming into our lives to the moment that you were first placed into my arms and every second afterwards, because you are forever a piece of my heart.

Five years ago I became a mother for the first time, bringing me closer to our Lord and into the presence of something mysterious and beautiful – a more complete understanding and awe-inspired reflection of our Father’s love for us.

Five years ago I knew that I was blessed and that the years would be filled with wonderful times and unending love, and now five years later you are not only older, wiser, more beautiful, more fabulous, but you are a big sister, cousin, friend, homeschooler, dancer, artist, reader, singer, writer, and follower of our Lord Jesus. 


Five years ago He gave you to me, and my greatest joy is that you’ve given yourself back to Him.
Happy fifth birthday, Mary-Grace Rose!  My “amazing Grace”!


  1. im not even "pregg-emotional" but the last line... "my amazing grace" made me teary-eyed...prob cause its the utter truth...she IS amazing!

  2. That was beautiful Kelly. Grace will cherish this when she gets older.

  3. Happy Birthday to your cutie pie! Children are such gifts! Blessings to you!

  4. That is so beautiful!! And the most beautiful part is that she has given her life to Jesus!!

  5. Awww! Love that little girl! She is so special, but she is as you are a special Mama! Hugs!