Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Lutz-Franklin Schoolhouse

One room.  One Saturday morning.  One step back in time.

(Six cupcakes and a bunch of cookies, too)

Learning about coal power

A goose actually lost a feather near the schoolhouse that morning, so quill writing was even cooler than planned.

I now know why describing something as a cake-walk is a good (and delish!) thing.

A chilly April morning couldn’t stop us from checking out the Lutz-Franklin one room schoolhouse as part of Hellertown’s history day. The quill pens were a gigantic hit, as was the cake walk, but maybe the best part of this experience was seeing firsthand the dedication that the Lower Saucon Historical Society put into creating these history day activities.  So often children are “taught” history, but they’re not encouraged or inspired to preserve it.  I look forward to a homeschool group field trip that we have scheduled for this upcoming October at the schoolhouse where Grace and other first graders will get to be part of a class there.  Seriously, I may just come in period attire.  Swoon.  I wish!