Tuesday, June 26, 2012

By the brush

Painting by Rose

My mother-in-law was turning sixty in May, and the girls and I wanted to create something special for her.  As an elementary school librarian, I knew that she’d like something reminiscent of children’s literature, and as a grandmother something handmade by her granddaughters.
The big girls each chose a poem from the anthology Sing a Song of Popcorn and then a verse or two from it.  We talked about what a “design plan” is and they decided what they’d like to do with paint.  They put their wonderful ideas down on canvases, and then I stenciled their verses over top of their dried work.

Painting by Alice

These beautiful masterpieces were so much fun to make (even the two weeks of green paint on my kitchen floor that totally offers proof that having three kids for me is definitely a busy job!) and so hard to part with, but we were so happy to give my mother-in-law such enjoyably crafted gifts!

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