Monday, July 23, 2012

It's an art birthday party!

{what's a goody table without a sign to announce it?}

Rose is six.  Six?!  That makes me...doesn't matter what that makes me (31 next week, shhh)...but it's still quite hard to believe that the little blue-eyed, peachy-fuzzed (for almost two years), darling bundle of baby girl is now counting her years on two hands.  Before I run upstairs and make her tell me that she'll always be my baby (which I never ever do), here are some of the highlights from her art birthday party!

How did I ever plan a party without Pinterest?  {Insert a swooning sigh here} Rice krispie treat paint brushes for favors - slip a popsicle stick into rice krispie treats and dip into melted chocolate.  We used red Wilton candy melts for some guests and then regular Hershey's milk chocolate chips for friends with peanut allergies (no nuts in processing the Hershey's, but always check the bag to be sure).

Painting homemade canvases and decorating wands were our two big art projects for the party.  

Can I just say how much I love, love, love, like LOVE, this homemade canvas idea?  I adapted it from something that I saw (guess where?) on Pinterest.  My husband brought me home enough 2x4 foot cardboard pallets from work so that each birthday party guest could have one.  I painted the perimeter with gold metallic paint, used a permanent marker to draw faux antique framing onto it, and then taped a piece from a roll of newsprint on the front for painting.

Some of our fabulous artists at work.  We had 17 children at the party, which included four absolutely adorable Michaelangel-babies!

There's one now!  {My Charlotte}

Rose is enamored with our local ice cream truck, so we booked it to show up while the gang was painting.  I don't think that our neighborhood has ever seen it BEFORE dinner or bed time!  Gotta love your friendly neighborhood ice cream truck!  We do!

She works with a variety of media.

Be-jeweling wands.  AC Moore had 10-packs of liquid glue sticks that were inexpensive and a must for this project!  

At the last minute I also cut a frame out of a leftover cardboard pallet for friends to pose in with a bunch of props that we had around the house.  Nothing's more adorable than a pom-pom headed horticulturally-inclined rabbit and her cool musician sidekick.  (And Katie in this picture isn't only one of my very best friends in the world but the most renowned art project guru mama that I know!  She's the ultimate themed party planner, too!)

Painter's palette of cupcakes

Illustrating Ephesians 2:10

My beautiful six-year-old, who is so incredibly blessed to have so many friends and family sharing in the joy of her birthday with her.  

"For we are God's masterpiece..." {Ephesians 2:10}

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  1. Awesome. I love it. I know about Pinterest. I planned Kyle's Construction party using that.