Friday, July 27, 2012

Tutu sweet

I'm a lover of cupcake centerpieces, and my children are lovers of dance.  AND cupcakes (they could take or leave the centerpiece nonsense).

Alice and Rose had a spectacular time in their dance recital this year!  It was Alice's first recital as part of her Creative Movement class, and it was Rose's second recital.  This year she took a Cheernastics class but has previously done Ballet and Tap as well as Creative Movement.  Next year she's taking a return to Ballet and Tap (I'm not convinced that the fun of having two different pairs of shoes to wear isn't the reason she's doing it...).

You'd think that this pose-striking was just a dance school-related thing...

One of my lovely little lassies at home after their performance (which Charlotte attended, too, of course, and actually enjoyed!).  We had all of the grandparents in attendance and then celebrated with pizza and cupcakes afterwards.  The tutu cupcake tier made everything more fun - just replicate my homemade tier with plates and glasses (I always do a homemade one) and use a bowl or canister as the base with a child's tutu skirt around it.

(Note about the cupcakes: My two fabulous friends, Meredith and Diane, actually made them for our other fabulous friend Katie's baby shower that we through the day before, so I cake-cycled a few and just added my own frosting.  I am acknowledging Mere and Diane for their cupcakery goodness, because these were simply too delish not to eat!!  And Alice ate some baby head toppers...more on that later...)

"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair..."
{Susan Polis Shutz}