Thursday, August 30, 2012

Because you were created

Masterpieces come in all sizes.

Even Charlotte shares my desire to create, make, grow, repurpose, design.  I read once that we, as the children of God, find joy in being creative because our Creator's own hand shaped us, giving us a piece of His inspiration. 
One of the reasons that we homeschool is so that our children find both free expression and dynamic, guided experiences in art and extending their imaginations into the world around them.  As Charlotte + washable whiteboard markers + a homemade white board shows us in pictures here, inspiration doesn't need very much to be worthy of your follow-through.  Whether you want to design a building, a curriculum, a meal, or just leave your mark on a piece of paper - literally in a one-year-old's case - follow through with the spirit of creating that YOU were created in.  Make away!
A note: I've found that Crayola washable whiteboard markers are even more "washable" than regular washable markers, so these are a great way to allow your little ones to have free creative reign (they come right up off of my carpets, too, with just the help of a baby wipe...hey, whatever's on hand, right?).  Also, I created my own large whiteboards by purchasing a huge sheet (I can't remember the exact dimensions) of melamine (the thin, shiny kind - not the thick matte finish) at Home Depot for $13 and having them cut it into thirds.  Put some of that fun-patterned duct tape around the edges and you've got three great whiteboards for your home!


  1. Very neat idea about creating your own boards.

  2. Hey Kelly. I can't believe how big your girls are! Ah! It's been so long since I've seen pictures. I had thought of you often. I didn't know Emmeline and Katie were so close in age. Katie turned 1 on Sept 19. It's great to hear from you!